SMA-Band smart activity and heart rate tracker

On paper there are some potentially incredible deals to be had by ordering unknown brand products direct from China. I was delighted with such a purchase for my daughter at the beginning of the year. This was for a Xiaomi Mi Band HR, the Mark 2 version of the, now famous, Mi Band personal activity tracker. Unfortunately, my daughter managed to lose her Mi Band so now I've done some research and taken a punt on a new and more advanced looking personal fitness band, the SMA-Band smart activity and heart rate tracker. I've ordered one and will post a detailed review when it arrives in around three weeks.

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Progress on the blog so far

Three and a bit weeks in since starting the blog!

Ian Brurley
Ian Burley

It’s been a couple of days since I last posted an update on the blog but I have been working on it every day in the best part of four weeks since I published the very first post. I think this is the 18th or 19th post in the last three and a bit weeks and a couple of days ago I also added a new static page dedicated to linking visitors to my photography on Flickr. That’s work in progress and so far I have reached a bit of an impasse with the plug-in I am using to connect the page to my Flickr account, but I am confident I will sort it out sooner or later.

Since a spike of automated spam that discovered my blog very quickly and which was instantly dealt with by WP-Spamshield and without any blatant publicising of the blog, I am pleased to see that the blog has been noticed by four search engines and I am now getting about 70 unique visitors a day and a couple of hundred visits. When I am ready I will be give the bloq some visibility on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Work on adding features is progressing well thanks to the modular plug-in system which WordPress is based. Comments can now be rated and shared and you can elect to be notified of new comments, there is a newsletter option, and I have worked out how to paginate long posts (See my low carb diet health article for an example). I am not sure that I won’t fiddling with the design, layout and typography more – I guess that may be a never ending activity!

I would be nice to see more comments and with time and a steady growth in visitors I am confident that this will happen. Don’t hold back – I am very keen to hear your views.

Coming up next week – a recipe (well, I love cooking) and quite possibly a reflection on the state of political debate here in the UK over the looming EU referendum.

WhatsApp malware warning and new desktop version

Malware warnings are, sadly, often pranks or hoaxes, but not this one. If you come across an invitation to install a 'Gold' edition of WhatsApp, according to whole line up of app and security experts quoted in a press release I have received. And by the way, did you know that at last you can now officially run WhatsApp on your desktop computer?

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Contactless payments with Android Pay

Android Pay contactless payments has arrived in the UK at last and I have just started using it via my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. I'll take you through how to set it up and I document my initial experiences using Android Pay. I'll also ponder the question: is this the end of plastic cards?

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