SMA-Band smart activity and heart rate tracker

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The SMA-Band smart activity and heart rate tracker – the next value winner in fitness wearables?

SMA activity and hear rate tracker band
SMA activity and hear rate tracker band

If you read my earlier article on the Misfit Shine fitness tracker that I personally use (and had to fix) you may recall I mentioned my daughter had lost her Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse fitness tracker. She has just celebrated her 18th birthday and so I decided to get her a replacement. Call me cheapskate or simply value-obsessed but a special offer in the Chinese site for a well-specced fitness tracker caught my eye. It’s the SMA-Band smart activity and heart rate tracker.

Until recently, no-name brand fitness tracker bands fro, China like this one usually had a glaring hole in their specification. It might be very poor battery life, or great looks but not waterproof. The SMA-Band smart activity and heart rate tracker doesn’t appear to have any obvious catches. It looks very good in the photos, it displays the time as well as your activity and the heart rate monitor is dynamic. I am presuming this means it can show your heart rate while you are working out and not just statically, perhaps while pressing a button.

Water resistant

The SMA-Band smart activity and heart rate tracker is also water resistant to IP67 rating and the ads say not only can you shower while wearing one but you can also swim with it. One question mark is the battery life. I asked Gearbest via their pre-sales help feature and the response was that the standby time was only 40 hours, which is a bit concerning. However, elsewhere I have seen mentions of 10 days between charging. How good the companion app is likely to be is also an unknown. So we shall just have to wait and see.

For me the price was £19.95 plus shipping insurance and tracking, so a total of about £23, or $31.54. Gearbest claimed it was a limited time special offer of 38% off the normal price when I ordered it. There was a count down to the expiry of the offer on the page with just a few hours remaining. I wasn’t very surprised to find exactly the same price and another count down on the Gearbest sute today, nearly a week after I ordered mine.

Review coming

I ordered my daughter’s Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse from Gearbest and it took about three weeks to arrive using a standard delivery option. A nice touch is that they confirm shipping with a photo of your package. Anyway, I will post a full report/review on the SMA-Band smart activity and heart rate tracker soon after we receive ours and have had enough time to test it out. Watch this space!

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Hi Ian,
is it possible to use this band with 3rd party application? I mean endomondo, strava etc. I would like to use the band for recording heart rate during sport instead of chest belt.
Can you test this functionality for me, please?
Thank you for a reply.


Hello I just got one of these and I was wondering about some symbols… I noticed an A pop up my the heart and I can’t find anything online. I was wondering if you knew?! Also is the heart rate accurate?


Hey Ian

How does the heart rate monitor works? Does it only measure heart rate or is it used to calculate the calories burned?
Most smart bands only track calories based on the distance walked but thats not good for people who like weight lifting over cardio. Does the SMA band measures the calories burned using heart rate?


Hey Ian, I’m waiting of the full review
Would you buy it again or is the Mi Band 2 better? But SMA Band has a dynamic heart rate thats the reason I’m interested.