Ian Brurley

Welcome to my personal BLOG

I’m Ian Burley, a professional writer and online publisher specialising in technology journalism and, in particular, digital photography.  I write for my own online magazines and for traditional news-stand magazines and journals. I have been doing this since the mid-1980s. You may notice some ads here, but this site is much more personal – it’s really another of my hobbies. Knowledge is at the heart of what I do and I’d like to share some of it if you find it useful.

Besides my professional work, which involves a lot of travel and getting up to speed with new products and technologies, my life centres around my family here in the UK. I have two daughters, one at university and the other soon to finish high school. My wife, Julia, is a high school maths teacher. A menagerie of rescue hens, a couple of cats and several tropical fish also seem to grab a disproportionate amount of my time! I do most of the cooking and enjoy wine, red in particular. Another, some might say insufferable, passion of mine is F1 motorsport (watching and following, not participating – sadly).

Learning to solve problems and then sharing the knowledge

I set up this blog for several reasons. It was a good excuse to try out the WordPress publishing platform for the first time, but above all it was to satisfy a feeling that useful and interesting things I have benefited from might also benefit others. I also can’t stand paying over the odds for things, so I will be passing on tips I come across for saving money and to avoid being ripped off.

I find I have to learn new ways to solve problems every day. It’s often very rewarding, even surprising, to discover what I can do given the right knowledge and guidance. I don’t think I am especially talented; much of what I can do many others can, too, as long as you are motivated enough to have a go.

Modern life is very complex and technical. Sometimes I work things out for myself. Of course much of what I learn is thanks to various online resources as well as welcome advice from both friends and strangers alike. I fully expect to be posting questions and requests for help, too.

Much of what I will be covering will be technology-related but I already have a lengthening list of topics to write up covering food, car maintenance, travel and more. Some of my posts will be simple hints and tips and others will be more in-depth. I will also be reviewing products and services not covered specifically in my routine work.

If you do find something I have produced here is interesting and/or useful – let me know! Your comments are welcome and where deserved, please spread the word by sharing my posts with your peers.

Ian Burley

Hemel Hempstead, UK. May, 2016