15 seconds of fame on #BBCOS

Twitter gets me a mention on the BBC’s #BBCOS

BBC News and BBC World News presenter, Ros Atkins
BBC News and BBC World News presenter, Ros Atkins

Well that was fun. I was quietly watching BBC Outside Source this evening – this is the BBC News and BBC World News interactive TV news programme which runs live at 9PM UK time. Presenter Ros Atkins, as he always does, asks for viewers to tweet questions on the day’s news.

Today the BBC has been making its own news by announcing that it is to close down the BBC Food section on the BBC website. This has caused public uproar and some confusion as it hasn’t really been explained how taking recipes off a website could save any money, let alone £15M, which is the BBC’s target.

So I tweeted my question:

Get on TV's BBCOS via Twitter
Get on TV’s BBCOS via Twitter

Lo and behold, a few minutes later Atkins was reading my question out and explaining that closing the BBC Food section of the BBC Website was only part of the story. Apparently there is a proposal to merge parts of BBC Newsbeat with BBC News and parts of BBC News with BBC World (which #BBCOS already is), etc.

I tweeted back my thanks and even that got a nice response.

An online petition to save BBC Food and all its recipes has taken off today, with well over 100,000 signed up as I write this.

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That’s impressive. But you may want to consider an update to your Twitter Profile Pic., although the kids may like the “Bob the Builder” look 😉