The low fat diet health debate

For me at least, fat is my friend

No more bread for me

One of the critics of the Obesity Forum report today pointed to a reduction in heart disease since the advice concerning lowering dietary fat was brought in. But to me that’s just like the discredited advice heart disease went up because more meat and dairy produce was being consumed. It ignores the impact of increased sugar consumption. Not all the factors are being considered. I do wonder if a lot of new medications now available are preventing, or delaying heart disease, rather than a low fat diet. In other words these are just loose relationships and not scientifically supported facts  The Obesity Forum report tallies with lots of more recent scientific research. This research places doubt over the saturated fat danger and places sugar and its precursors – the carbohydrates – as the real threats. The big rise in diabetes is not disputed.

My own example shows that a major switch from a high carb, low fat diet to a low carb, high fat, diet has not resulted in the health disaster the old advice predicted. I don’t suggest for a moment that you can switch from cakes and sodas to steak and cheese every day. However, a carefully considered low carb diet has worked for me.

For further reading on the case for low carb I recommend the work of a couple of people influential people. One is medic, Doctor Peter Attia, who, despite being an amateur athlete, realised he was on the way to becoming a Type 2 diabetic. The second, Professor Tim Noakes, is a nutrition scientist and also an amateur runner. Noakes is fascinating because his early research was very influential in promoting the use of carbohydrates to boost athletic performance. His own life experience later made him realise the danger carbohydrates posed and he now campaigns in favour of low carb, high fat, nutrition.

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Mark Greenhill
Mark Greenhill

Yes indeed, evidenced by my own good health at age eighty I agree that a high protein, low carb diet is the way to go. This has been talked about a lot lately on media by advocates of the Paleo Diet and strenuously refuted by orthodox dieticians and nutritionists whose research, it has been revealed, was funded by commercial cereal manufacturers. As much as possible I avoid food products containing soy derivatives with the exception of naturally brewed, fermented, organic soy sauce that removes its toxicity. It is my belief (and I stress the word, ‘belief’) that the substitution of… Read more »