Still waiting for the Windows Phone 10 update?

Don’t wait for the Windows Phone 10 update

Until returning to Android with a used bargain Samsung Galaxy Note 4 a couple of months ago I had been using Windows phones for a couple of years. I have a lot of respect for Windows Phone, especially since its more recent 8.1 updates. Nokia phones like the Lumia 1020 with their PureView camera technology were simply amazing. I still have a Lumia 930 and very much appreciated the ability to edit camera RAW files in Adobe Lightroom. But one reason I switched back to Android was the extended wait for the much-heralded Windows Phone 10 update.

With my Lumia 930 no longer needed by myself, I decided to upgrade my wife from her Lumia 920 to the 930. The older 920 is not on the list of handsets that Microsoft says will get the Windows Phone 10 update, unlike the 930. But I was looking forward to WP10 on the 930. I had assumed that the update would, as previous ones had, simply appear one day via an OTA (Over The Air) automatic update. It never happened.

Run the Windows Upgrade Advisor app


In the end I discovered that the best way to ensure your eligible handset gets the Windows Phone 10 update, if it hasn’t already, is install the Windows Upgrade Advisor app from the Microsoft App Store. I did this and almost immediately after running it the Windows Phone 10 update started to download. So if you are still waiting for your update, the Upgrade Advisor app could be the answer.

For more information on the Windows Phone 10 update check the relevant section on Microsoft’s website.