Novel ASAP Connect magnetic USB cable for smart devices

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 Here’s a crowd-funded project for a clever magnetic USB cable

ASAP Connect two part magnetic USB cables are available with both Micro USB and Apple Lightning adapters.
ASAP Connect two part magnetic USB cables are available with both Micro USB and Apple Lightning adapters.

My main work is writing about photography-related products, services and other related topics. One thing my new blog will let me do is to provide an outlet for interesting topics not really directly related to photography. The crowd-funded proposition from ASAP Connect for a clever magnetic USB cable is a perfect example.

The guys at ASAP Connect, like many of us, recognise one of the main frustrations with modern living – those pesky USB data and charging cables. These cables break easily and are fiddly to fit but we can’t be without them. Wireless charging is one solution but so far its adoption has been rather low. Wireless is not really suitable for many situations, for example, when using your phone for satnav in a dashboard or screen mount.

So ASAP Connect looked at improving the cable and went down the route of addressing key weaknesses of a conventional cable. I have personally experienced broken USB ports in phones thanks to the cable being yanked out accidentally. Even when a yanked cable doesn’t break the port it’s plugged into there is a good chance the cable itself won’t survive.

The solution is a magnetic USB cable in two parts. A compact adapter is plugged into the USB port of your device and this magnetically connects to the main cable. There are a several benefits from this arrangement. Even if you are using a Micro USB port, with the ASAP Connect adapter you don’t have to worry which way around the cable connects. An Apple Lightning adapter is also available. The end of the cable that fits to the adapter is also LED illuminated, making it easier to use in the dark.

The ASAP Connect two part magnetic USB cable has an LED so you can see it in the dark.
The ASAP Connect two part magnetic USB cable has an LED so you can see it in the dark.

Two part cable linked magnetically


The two parts also appear to fit together with the minimum of assistance. This is thanks to the magnetic attraction and a clever docking design. That said, I haven’t personally had a chance to try it for myself. I get the impression that the magnetic aspect of the design is not unique. However, ASAP Connect are suggesting their design works the best.

ASAP connect are also positioning their magnetic USB cable as a premium product and it’s endowed with 18 carat gold contacts. Users should definitely expect a convenient, safe and reliable experience with the ASAP Connect magnetic USB cable.

The product is still in the crowd-funding stage and you can get involved via Indiegogo. At US$39 per cable it’s not cheap. Nevertheless, there are discounted multi-packs and the product promises less long term need to replace broken cables and repair USB ports.

Do you have a magnetic USB cable? Let us know how you get on with it!

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I purchased some ASAP Connectors…
They are DANGEROUS junk… quickly become extremely HOT and burned my fingers… plus the magnetic connection comes apart at the slightest movement. … the company had not replied to my inquires. .. and there are NO listings for this company or any of its foubders..


This is an idea that might work rather well for tethered photography, especially in the studio where it can be dark around the camera and bright on the set. Would need to know how the kit will react to lost connections.