Virgin Media TiVo box app no sound fix

After a lot of fiddling with the settings I found my Virgin Media TiVo box app no sound fix

I wonder if I am not alone in finding myself with a strange problem where some, not all, apps on my Virgin Media TiVo box, suddenly went silent. For example, Netflix worked fine, but BBC iPlayer – which I depend on a lot – became mute. Extensive googling for a solution came to nought. If this sounds familiar, read on for my Virgin Media TiVo box app no sound fix.

I had just changed the TV in our living room and had somewhat absent-mindedly tweaked some settings on our Virgin Media TiVo box while setting up the TV. Everything seemed fine until I tried to catch up on one of my favourite weekly programmes, BBC Click via the BBC iPlayer app on the TiVo box. There was a transient moment of sound right at the start of the playback and then silence. The picture was completely unaffected.

At first I suspected it was a problem with the HDMI cable connecting the TV to our Denon AV receiver (in old fashioned parlance, a tuner amp) or even the cable connecting the TiVo box to the receiver. We don’t use the TV speakers, instead preferring conventional Hi-Fi speakers connected to the receiver’s amp and so using the TV simnply as a silent monitor display. Swapping and changing cables made no difference. Fiddling with the HDMI and d

Digital audio settings in the receiver also made no difference. I was on the verge of phoning Virgin customer support when I finally stumbled across the solution.

While setting up the TV I noticed that in the TiVo box video output format settings not all the options had been enabled, so I ticked them all, naively expecting the TV to need them all. It turned out that clicking the 1080p pass-thru setting was the culprit. I don’ actually know why this silenced some but not all apps, but un-checking it brought sound back to those apps and now all is well once again.

I’d be very grateful if anybody can post a comment explaining how this problem happened!


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